Every individual is a pillar on which the future of Judaism rests.

The Jewish Community Foundation of New Mexico's mission is to build and perpetuate support for a vibrant, caring Jewish community through partnerships with donors and organizations.

The wellbeing of our community depends upon planning for and investing in the future.

Tips On Charitable Giving

The IRA Charitable Rollover is Back for 2015—And It's Permanent

By Grace Allison

Congress has reinstated the IRA Charitable Rollover for 2015 and made it permanent for 2016 and thereafter. (The provision, first enacted in 2006 as a temporary two-year measure, was previously in effect only through 2014. )

The new legislation, signed into law this December 18, allows anyone 70 1/2 or older to make a direct contribution of up to $100,000 in a single year—including this year—to a public charity from a Traditional IRA—and not pay tax on the amount distributed to charity! Gifts to public charities, such as the Jewish Community Foundation of New Mexico are permitted—but gifts to donor advised funds or private foundations are not. According to Independent Sector, "in the first two years the IRA Charitable Rollover was in effect, "more than $140 million was donated from IRAs to support the work of public charities across the U.S." No charitable deduction is available for a direct contribution to charity from a Traditional IRA: the tax benefit lies in having the IRA distribution be tax-free, which reduces taxable income.

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Donor Spotlight

A Gift That Will Keep Giving

“We really want to help perpetuate the institutions in the Jewish community,” explains Janice Paster, describing the $100,000 gift she and her husband, Dr. Stuart Paster, made to the Jewish Community Foundation of New Mexico to create the Janice & Stuart Paster Family Endowment Fund. Annual grants from the fund will be made beginning in 2016 and in every year thereafter.

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News & Events

Making an Impact: Maximizing the Benefits of Charitable Giving

FREE Charitable Planning Breakfast
June 23, 2016, 8:30 - 10:00 AM
Join us for a continental breakfast and practical answers to a common question: How can I provide for both family and charity?

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Insights & Inspiration Shared at Jewish Legacy Society Dinner

Two guest speakers from nationally prominent Jewish family foundations joined Foundation Executive Director Erika Rimson in discussing "How Can You 'Plant' for the Future?," at the fourth annual Legacy Dinner

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Dr. Magda Teter Captivates Audience at Jewish Studies Lecture

Professor Magda Teter, Shvidler Chair in Judaic Studies and Professor of History at Fordham University presented a lecture From Hatred to Friendship: Catholic Church and the Jews.

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112 Charitable Organizations Receive Grants from Foundation in 2015

The Foundation distributed over $280,000 to charities in New Mexico, across the country and in Israel during 2015.

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