Every individual is a pillar on which the future of Judaism rests.

The Jewish Community Foundation of New Mexico's mission is to build and perpetuate support for a vibrant, caring Jewish community through partnerships with donors and organizations.

The wellbeing of our community depends upon planning for and investing in the future.

Tips On Charitable Giving

A Charitable Remainder Unitrust for You?

by Grace Allison, JD
JCFNM Board Member

Many of us want to benefit both individuals and charity in our estate plans. The question is: how to do it? Consider a charitable remainder unitrust, often referred to as a CRUT. As its name suggests, the unitrust is a special type of trust, making cash payouts first to individuals (either for life or for a term of years) and then to a favorite charity or charities. Payout is always a fixed percentage of the net fair market value of the trust, recalculated each year.

Example: Sarah's charitable remainder unitrust pays her 5% of its net fair market value each year for life; at her death, it distributes to the charity or charities named in the trust document.

Example: Josh's estate plan creates a $100,000 charitable remainder unitrust that pays his son Max 5% of its net fair market value each year for life; at Max's death, the trust distributes to the charity or charities named in the trust document.

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Donor Spotlight

Cherishing the Past, Preparing for the Future

Both John and Lisa were raised by parents who valued their Jewish heritage. The Friedmans have chosen to leave a legacy donation both to honor their parents and to continue their own commitment to Jewish life.

John was raised in the San Francisco area where Jewish philanthropy was a central focus of his family. His parents supported their congregation, local and national Jewish organizations, and especially, Israel.

Lisa, originally from the Philadelphia area, was raised with a powerful awareness of the significance of her Judaism as a child of two Holocaust survivors. She fondly recalls attending weekly erev Shabbat services with her parents, listening to her mother joyfully sing with the choir, and enjoying a social life that revolved largely around Jewish youth groups.

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News & Events

National Jewish Endowment Initiative Tops $1 Billion in Commitments

250 local donors in Albuquerque and Santa Fe have made 330 legacy commitments totaling an estimated $5.4 million to support the New Mexico Jewish community.

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High School Seniors Receive Isbin Scholarships

Two students who graduated from Albuquerque-area high schools in May received the Neil Isbin Scholarship, a $1,000 scholarship toward college tuition.

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Stronger Together

We care about you, your family and all who are impacted by the pandemic.

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