Every individual is a pillar on which the future of Judaism rests.

The Jewish Community Foundation of New Mexico's mission is to build and perpetuate support for a vibrant, caring Jewish community through partnerships with donors and organizations.

The wellbeing of our community depends upon planning for and investing in the future.

Tips On Charitable Giving

A Charitable Remainder Unitrust for You?

by Grace Allison, JD
JCFNM Board Member

Many of us want to benefit both individuals and charity in our estate plans. The question is: how to do it? Consider a charitable remainder unitrust, often referred to as a CRUT. As its name suggests, the unitrust is a special type of trust, making cash payouts first to individuals (either for life or for a term of years) and then to a favorite charity or charities. Payout is always a fixed percentage of the net fair market value of the trust, recalculated each year.

Example: Sarah's charitable remainder unitrust pays her 5% of its net fair market value each year for life; at her death, it distributes to the charity or charities named in the trust document.

Example: Josh's estate plan creates a $100,000 charitable remainder unitrust that pays his son Max 5% of its net fair market value each year for life; at Max's death, the trust distributes to the charity or charities named in the trust document.

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Donor Spotlight

Jewish Values Pave the Way from NY to NM

Talia Freedman grew up immersed in the Jewish community of Lower Manhattan. From going to Hebrew Day School, summer camp and attending services, Jewish living was just a part of life for Freedman.

After moving to Albuquerque, Freedman began volunteering for the Jewish Community Center and in turn discovered the grounding and connection she felt in the Jewish community of her youth. Freedman found comfort in the relationships she made through the JCC, particularly with Jewish Elders. For Freedman, reaching out and caring for our Elders is extremely important, which is exactly what the Jewish Care Program does.

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News & Events

Jewish Community Expresses our Support of and Solidarity with the Muslim Community of New Mexico

The New Mexico Jewish Community is concerned and appalled by reports that four separate murders of Muslim men in Albuquerque — one in 2021 and three in the past two weeks — could be related.

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$18,000 to Assist Local Refugees & Immigrants

The Jewish Community Foundation of New Mexico awarded grants totaling $18,000 to six nonprofit agencies in the spring. The Foundation's Immigrant & Refugee Assistance Fund provides a Jewish community response to the welfare and safety needs of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Albuquerque and New Mexico.

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Superman's Jewish Origins

On April 13, 2022, UNM students took a study break and learned about the remarkable origin of comic books. The speaker was Dr. Samantha Baskind, Distinguished Professor of Art History at Cleveland State University. Baskind began her richly illustrated story with the rise of Hitler, moving her story to the emergence of two teenagers, Jerry Siegel and Joseph Schuster, who created a counterforce to Nazism: Superman.

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